Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mission Report: Operation Random Acts of Bubbles

Y'all, this mission participation level really blew me away!  How shocked was I to turn up 10 minutes to pre-mission meeting go time and see more than 30 people already waiting to participate?  COMPLETELY.  :)  On the Ann C. Richards Congress Ave bridge we ended up with about 150 bubble blowers and on the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge about 50, so with a family friendly event of 200 people, there were plenty of bubbles to go around.

  Way to go, this wouldn't have been possible without you!  Pat yourself on the back, submit a comment of your experience here or on our Facebook or Twitter and for heavens sake, keep on spreading the word and creating your own mini-flash mobs amongst your family and friends.  That's what it's all about- no reason or rhyme, just fun.

Here's a video from YNN Austin and one from a participant who used his Kickstarter prototype to film with on his iPhone.  Operation Random Acts of Bubbles: a super enjoyable success.  :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Operation Random Acts of Bubbles

Mission date: Saturday, August 4th

We’re going to blow bubbles off two downtown Austin bridges to surprise people and make them smile. Choose one of the bridges for your bubble blowing fun. On the Congress Street Bridge we will coordinate to blow the bubbles down wind if possible so as not to blow them into traffic. All ages encouraged and welcomed! This is a super family friendly event and we're really looking forward to having you participate- thanks to Laura A. for the great idea! :). Here's your info, peeps, spread the word:

Pre-Mission Briefing 10:50am
Flash Mob start and end times 11:15am – 11:19am
Post-Mission Wrap Up 11:22am

Location 1:
Briefing and Wrap Up: parking lot on Riverside just east of the bridge
Flash Mob: on the D. Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge (Lamar Pedestrian Bridge)

Location 2:
Briefing and Wrap Up: the Statesman parking lot entrance
Flash Mob: on the Congress Street Bridge

What you need to bring: bubble-making equipment of any kind

Mission leaders: Agent Filkins and Agent Tons0Fun

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hey y'all, it's Agent Filkins back from a long hiatus! A friend of mine recently approached me with a super idea for a mission and seeing as how I haven't done one in so long, I couldn't help but say yes! Agent Tons0Fun is helping carry it out and we're excited to announce the details ASAP. For now? Block out the morning of Saturday, August 4th, 2012 for some major fun and lightheartedness. We all need more of that! Let your friends know something awesome is coming and check back here tomorrow for the rest of the deets. Peace. -Agent Filkins

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Operation: Heist!

I personally have been wanting to pull a heist forever as I am sure most of you have as well. In the very least Oceans 11 (or its sequels) must have made you curious.

Mission date
Saturday, June, 4th

We are going to pull a heist on the Zilker Zephyr. There will be a few people planted on the train (preferable dressed in period clothing if available) with canvas "money" bags. The rest of us will wait for the train and then proceed to rob it and kidnap a few of those on board. Then ride off into the sunset.

Approximate times
Time will be a closely guarded secret so people are not prepared. It will be early afternoonish, to give an idea.

Essential details
Items for participation (bandit):
Black or dark cowboyish hat
Black bandanna
Small water gun (six shooter look alike and holsters encouraged as long as APD or anyone else can't mistake it for a real gun - We don't want to get in trouble!)
Stick horse (This one is the most important, as it was the catalyst for the idea, there are a few shops in town to buy one or they are fairly easy to make with a broomstick and long sock)

Items for participation (train plants):
Period clothing of some nature
Parasol perhaps? Just have fun with it

Canvas bags will be provided.

Ellie Andrew

Unfortunately this flash mob can really only support about 20-25 people max, so it is on a first come first serve basis. Unlike other flash mobs though I would ask that if you sign up, please commit.

Thanks guys, this is going to be awesome!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Operation: Protest

Tomorrow's Flashmob is going to have to be postponed... Stay tuned for updated details.

Mission Date:
Wednesday, April 20th

Mock Protest

Approximate Time:

Essential Details:
Those no good scoundrels in the Texas government are going to legalize Cilantro and we need to let them know how we feel. Whether you are for or against it, we are going to come together and let our voices be heard. Try and convince any bystanders to your side and lets see if we can't change some hearts and minds!

Sign Making on Saturday, April 16th at 2pm at the Spiderhouse Cafe.

Location will be announced at the meeting!

Mission Leader:
Chris "Tons0fun" Carley

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Operation: Sleepy Head

Mission Date:

Saturday March 19th

Mass Narcolepsy

Approximate Time:
Meetup at 3:30pm
Disperse to location at 4:00pm
Perform flashmob at 4:20pm
Wrap-up 4:30pm

Essential Details:
Sneak a small pillow in your purse or backpack. Or just use your hands. We are are all suffering and from time to time will conk out. Hopefully we land somewhere soft!

Meet at Duncan Park at the picnic tables. Corner of Henderson St. and 9th.

Location will be announced at the meeting!

Mission Leader:
Dawn Munroe-Davies

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Operation: Noise!

It's time to show the world our noise!

Mission Date:
Wed Mar 16th at 6:30pm

Drum Circle/Parade up 6th st.
Claps, stomps, bells and whistles and any costumes are welcome.
Some shakers will be provided on site

Approximate Time:
Meetup at 6:30pm. Check for more details.

Essential Details:
Bring your own drums and some extras if you can. Minimal will be provided, only some shakers to pass around to extras. BUT, everyone is welcome...clap, stomp or shake ya ass.

At the meetup spot, look for the parade/band leader looking gentleman for any directions.

Please no loud electronics, as noise ordinance issues are already in full force. Nothing rowdy or offensive. Bring some drums, some fun and have a good time.

Mission Leader:
Anthony Erickson