Saturday, August 23, 2008

Operation Pillow Fight: HUGE SUCCESS

Operation Pillow Fiiiiight was a huge success! Look how happy our winner looks! We estimate that we had around 100 flash mobbers, despite the humidity and the threat of rain. The turnout was above and beyond anything we expected! Way to go, Flash Mob Austin!

We will upload a video tomorrow. In the meantime, see some pics on our Flickr account and spread the word about how cool we are. Maybe add us to your Facebook or Myspace, mmmmkay?

Also, if you made it out to the FMA pillow fight, give us your feedback and send us some photos. Our email address is flashmobaustin [at] gmail [dot] com. Ya' dig?

Our next planning meeting will be Saturday, Sept. 6 at 2:30 p.m. at Shipe Park, 201 East 45th Street, Austin, Texas. Our next mission is tentatively planned for Saturday, September 20th.

Thanks so much to all who came out and made our first mission a roaring success!


CCF said...

It was lots of fun! I'll email some of the pics we took soon. :)

Andreas said...