Monday, October 6, 2008

Operation Über Famous: HUGE SUCCESS!

Thanks to all who came out to Operation Über Famous! It was a huge success with just under 40 agents in attendance. Agent Melissa of Chocolate Covered Films is editing our kick butt footage, so a video will be online shortly. In the meantime, check out the photos Agent Bolden took. Aren't they fantastic? Isn't Agent Bolden fantastic?

One of my favorite moments came toward the end of our faux celebrity's route. There was a girl standing in line to get in to a club, and I nudged her and asked "Who is that?" She gave "Laney" a once over and seethed, "I don't know. Some Disney bitch."

We created a celebrity, and already people are jealous of her.


jessamyn13 said...

Oh please oh please, do this one again. I would drive up with every one of my friends I could get my hands on to be involved in this kind of insanity.