Sunday, December 14, 2008

HUGE SUCCESS: Santa Protest

Tonight we did our Santa protest. While we were a little disappointed with the Flash Mob Austin turn out, as it turns out we had the perfect amout of Flash Mobbers (between 10- 15). Any more than that and we would have stolen the show from the 300ish Santas that showed up.

A full report will come in the next few days, but in the meantime, here are some highlights:
Agent Adams:
At the first bar, there were only seven of us, but the minute we walked in to the bar, the photographers were all over us. Right before leaving, I overheard someone say, "Look, there's two of the kid protesters. I think there's like 20 of 'em here." Way to make an impact, kiddos!

Agent Ton0Fun:
overheard a group of Santas say "That's so cool they showed up. Kid protesters? Man! Who thinks of that? They just brought this whole thing to the next level!"

We didn't take a lot of photos, but the ones Agent Adams took are up on our Flickr.


nathan said...

Super fun. No disappointment here...

R. D. said...

There are a lot of photos of the santas and the kids on face book.

deliciousmelissa said...

That was SO awesome!! I laugh everytime I hear of some kid wanting a pony now! =0)