Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb. 28 Mission: Keep Austin Clean

Imagine this scene: you are in a park and you see a woman dusting a tree. You glance over your shoulder and spot a man vacuuming a pile of leaves. What the heck is going on?!

Flash Mob Austin is what's going on!

Huge apologies for the delay in posting details about our February mission. We had a great planning meeting and decided on our mission: Keep Austin Clean.

We want this to unfold on February 28th at 12 noon at Waterloo Park (403 E. 15th between Trinity and Red River). We need YOU to be a part of it. It's an easy mission and it's for a good cause.

Here are the deets:
-Dress however you'd like, but the following outfit options would be HILARIOUS:
Mr. Clean

Also bring one cleaning prop of any variety-- the more ridiculous the better:
Rubber gloves
Swiffer, etc

We'll supply the REAL cleaning supplies after the mission so we can really clean that place up afterwards.

Just a note: during Thrill the World, the APD told Alamo Drafthouse that they were wary of us because we're a flash mob group. As a group we had decided back in October to do a charity project to get in Austin's good graces. This is IT. Please join us. It should be hysterical.

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Anonymous said...

Keep Austin Beautiful would be happy to provide cleanup supplies (for the actual cleanup) and arrange for the full trash bags to be properly disposed of. Simply visit fill out, save, and email the request form to