Sunday, February 1, 2009

Give it up for Whole Foods!

Can we just do a quick shout-out to Whole Foods and their Lamar/ Flagship crew? They were such good sports! They could have very easily gotten annoyed and angry and demanded that we leave, but they were super cool with it.

Huge kudos goes out to Whole Foods security, managers, and food staff on the salad bar side of the store. Thanks for not calling the police!

Oh, and thanks so much to those who grabbed some lunch there or bought some groceries after you unfroze!


deliciousmelissa said...

Whole Foods ROCKS IT!

AustinD said...

Thanks Whole Foods!

Matt said...

Whole foods does rock! Thanks whole foods for allowing us to do our flash mob there. It was a fun place to shop also and we bought some foods we would not normally purchase. Flash Mob Austin Rulez!~