Friday, May 15, 2009

Waldo Pub Crawl Mission Report!

Agent Filkins here to report in on the mission that was the "Where's Waldo?" Pub Crawl! May 14th, 9:30pm and Agent Adams and I arrived at the Gingerman pub for the kick off. We waited. Kevin, our awesome photographer friend showed up for the first stop. We waited some more. Agent ThatGuy arrived in the most authentic Waldo outfit yet. I had a cane and gave it up to him, since that was the only piece of the puzzle missing to make him the real Waldo. Sam and soon enough Schuyler appeared in get-up and we had a drink. Then, we moseyed on out to the next pub. Taking a walk proved attention grabbing enough. With only 5 Waldo's (or 6, as one guy counted muuuuch later on in the evening) you can make quite an impact! We received varied reactions from passersby:

  • "Thanks for coming here first so I don't have a bunch of drunk Waldo's on my hands." bouncer at Gingerman
  • "Ok, I just wanna know why. Why?" very concerned girl at Gingerman
  • "Hey look, it's a bunch of people in striped shirts!" all over town
  • "Go Rockets! Woo hoo!" a girl outside of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
  • "Wait a minute, Where's Waldo? Oh, I found him!" all over town
  • "I've been waiting 23 years to find you and here you are!" bouncer on Congress
  • After walking by us, talking to a friend "Hey, did you see that? It was a bunch of people dressed like Waldo. Ha ha!" mostly people who ignored us
  • "Is this like, Dr. Suess?" dancing on top of The Blind Pig
  • "Wait, is this a Flash Mob?" a really excited guy on 6th St.
  • "Aren't you that girl who made the Waldo T-Shirt Video?" Pedicabber, high five!
  • "I found you, boy!" vendor by Emo's
  • "I'm not going to even say anything, I'm sure you've gotten it all night." bouncer, wink
We had a great time with just the five of us and got some great shuffleboard in at Buffalo Billards, dancing at several places, getting a shout out from a DJ, people asking to take pictures with us, running into friends, getting denied free entrance at a bar with cover despite several patrons unbeknownst to us rallying for our admittance (at least we tried!), anf just general crawling fun! Thanks so much to those agents who participated, we had a BLAST. Ya'll rocked it, mini-mission success!


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