Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Operation Wheels on the Bus: Report!

Agent Laney reports in on Operation Wheels on the Bus which took place on Saturday morning, June 20th:

Hey everyone!!

Thanks a million to everyone who came and sang their hearts out!

During the pre-meeting we broke into groups and made a few changes to the plan. The first group waited at the bus stop on Congress and 2nd and starting singing B-I-N-G-O. Each time the bus stopped a few more people joined in on the singing and by 10th street the bus was erupting with song! A few people even joined in the weren't a part of flash mob!! (Success)

While waiting for the bus to come back so we could head back to Republic Square Park we saw a bride heading down the street so sang/hummed "here comes the bride".

Shortly after we climbed back on the 1L with another bus driver. When the people from the first stop started singing she exclaimed "There is no singing on this bus!" The singing continued and she continued to yell at us and threatened to kick us off and call the police on us!!!!

In my opinion, the mission was a huge success and TONS of fun :) Thanks again to everyone who helped in anyway!! Feel free to post stories!


Anonymous said...

photos? video?

Julius said...

I found a video on youtube. Problem is I forgot how I found it. Just google flash mob bus austin or something like that