Monday, July 27, 2009

Pirates vs. Ninjas: mission report!

Mission Report from Agent Melissa:

Hey guys! Thanks for those of you who came out to Barton Springs Saturday night to join the epic water gun battle! It went better than I expected. We had a great turnout with pretty even teams. Special thanks to Agents Ryan, Coleen, and Farris, our featured Flash Mobbers who took on extra roles during the fight.

My favorite parts:
  • Some of the costumes were amazing! I loved seeing people put so much thought into this mission.
  • The looks we got when we all walked into the pool area. People knew something was going to happen; we certainly got attention even before the mission started!
  • A ninja raiding the pirate's water balloon stash early on in the fight. (How sneaky...) :)
  • Ninjas shooting us pirates through the trees in a very sneaky, hidden ninjas fashion.
  • Two words- Chuck Norris. ("Shoot Chuck Norris!" at the end- brilliant)
Share your thoughts about the mission here. Thanks again for a successful July mission, check out the HILARIOUS video here!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget me! The pirate who was sacrificed to the springs by her ninja father.
That was fun.