Sunday, August 30, 2009

2nd Annual Bat Bridge Pillow Fiiight: Mission Report!

Photo credit: Chris Carley

WE DID IT! We had a great time out on the hillside Saturday night with all of you, thanks so much for coming out! WOOT. Pillow fights are the best! As mission leader, sans our fabulous, fearless Agent Adams (sad face for weddings that take people out of town), I was surprised once again at just how smoothly everything seemed to go. There were a couple hitches, and they are lessons we'll learn from, as we do each and every mission as an experience, but overall I would say this was a roaring success. Following my standard love of bullet point messages, I'll lay out some high (and low) lights of the mission from my perspective, please add your own in a comment:
  • Upon arriving for the pre-mission meeting I was shocked to see not the typical 5 people gather, but grow to over 25 of us shoved in Dominican Joe's upper seating area! It was wonderful to see so many new faces! In fact, I was the only one of those present who had actually been at the very first FMA mission the previous year.
  • Once we got to the hillside we all made sure those of us in on the initial start group could see each other, and then simply sat and watched the sunset. It was really beautiful too, I should go down there more often just for that! It was kind of ironic because I ended up sitting directly behind Agent R.D. and his daughter, who won the pillow fight last year.
  • Agent Laney came up to Agent Kiley and greeted her with a friendly pillow whack which was returned, and then her two friends started hitting the family members sitting on the ground, and I was sitting nearby in my pink shirt hoping against all hope that in that small group (which was garnering a LOT of attention) they would remember to hit me, thus giving me a legit reason to jump up with my "OH MY GOSH! PILLOW FIIIIIGHT!!!" exclamation. I was also tensing as I wished no one else would prematurely start hitting their friends before I could yell. No one did, and I was so relieved. All went on cue, which felt really great! Way to restrain yourselves, folks! =0)
  • The fighting itself was fun, and I made sure to scout the perimeter for those standing about looking on with pillows in hand, of course, or those with their backs to me, and say "Sneak attack!" with a laugh while flinging my pillow around. I got hit (Agent Bertman took a couple good whacks!) more than I swung actually, but it was loads of fun.
  • When the whistle blew and the winner declared (who won?? Please identify yourself or tell us who won if you know them!) by our excellent ref, Agent C.E., I heard a great cheer among all those sitting on the hill, not just the pillow fighters, which made me smile. =0 )
  • Watching the bats come out was great, too! I think I enjoyed it a LOT more this year than last, I was actually focused enough to really relax. Bats ARE cool, seriously.
  • Agent Tons0Fun's brother Anthony shot footage from the bridge, and Agent Smith gave me a flash drive with footage that we'll edit up and compile ASAP to get an awesome video out there! Thanks ya'll! If you have pictures or other video, please send it to us at
  • One of the girls in Agent Kiley's family group received a very painful looking split lip from an individual who clearly was not thinking of the repercussions when slipping his keys into his pillow case and then whacking around at people's faces. Please, let's all learn from this and make sure that what we're doing is safe for all involved, we want to establish a harm-free fun environment. If you're that guy with the keys in the pillow, please don't come to our missions unless you have a VERY clear understanding of what we as Flash Mob Austin stand for and what we do not. Fun is never to be had at the cost of other's safety or well being. Don't screw it up for the hundreds of folks who work hard to keep our reputation golden.
  • Due to a directional oversight on the leadership team for this mission, there was a small error in the location clarification and a few really well meaning and excited pillow fighters ended up on the wrong side of the river. This is something that caused me great distress because I know you all come out with such good intentions and make a huge effort to make FMA a part of your lives, and I'm very sorry that any one of you had to miss the pillow fight due to an oversight such as this. Agent Laney suggested next year we make a map with the location clearly marked, and I think it a brilliant idea and wish we had thought of it this year. Again, my apologies to those of you who missed out on this mission, but please please please, give us another try! We'd love to have you complete a mission successfully.
Thanks again to everyone who made it out, told your friends, REMAINED SILENT ABOUT THE SOURCE OF THE ORGANIZATION and came with your pillow to have some fun under the bat bridge! Don't forget to post comments about your experiences below.
Over and Out,
Agent Filkins


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