Monday, July 27, 2009

Pirates vs. Ninjas: mission report!

Mission Report from Agent Melissa:

Hey guys! Thanks for those of you who came out to Barton Springs Saturday night to join the epic water gun battle! It went better than I expected. We had a great turnout with pretty even teams. Special thanks to Agents Ryan, Coleen, and Farris, our featured Flash Mobbers who took on extra roles during the fight.

My favorite parts:
  • Some of the costumes were amazing! I loved seeing people put so much thought into this mission.
  • The looks we got when we all walked into the pool area. People knew something was going to happen; we certainly got attention even before the mission started!
  • A ninja raiding the pirate's water balloon stash early on in the fight. (How sneaky...) :)
  • Ninjas shooting us pirates through the trees in a very sneaky, hidden ninjas fashion.
  • Two words- Chuck Norris. ("Shoot Chuck Norris!" at the end- brilliant)
Share your thoughts about the mission here. Thanks again for a successful July mission, check out the HILARIOUS video here!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Epic Battle: Pirates vs. Ninjas

It's going DOWN at the Barton Springs night swim this Saturday night.

Pick your side:
Wear WHITE to fight with the pirates.
Wear BLACK to fight with the ninjas.
Other costume accessories HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

We'll meet at 8:45 p.m. on the grassy knoll between the small parking lot and the playground. This meeting is REQUIRED to assign team territories and to give out special assignments. We'll also be letting you know exactly how the battle will end. (Free night swim starts at 9:00. The battle will start at 9:15).

Make sure you defend yourself! Bring a water gun or a water bucket. Floaties, eye patches, and noodle nunchucks are optional.

Let us know you're coming at: