Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oct. 3 : Dignitary Dinner Out

Not going to ACL on Saturday? Enjoy a fancy dinner, Flash Mob Austin style on Saturday, October 3rd:
Agent Smith will be the lead on this mission. He has written the following instructions:
Come dressed up in fancy clothes, you will be pretending to be a foreign dignitary. Think of a silly name/title.
"Sir Trouser, Duke of Pants"
"Lord Monty, Minister of Mice"
"Mrs. Abernathy, Ambassador to Mordor"
"Councilor Tekli, Jedi Foreign Relations"
"Mr. Stynk of Scandinavia, Master of Cheese"

• Pre-meeting @ TCBY area ( 303 W. MLK between Guadalupe and Lavaca). You'll receive a blank name tag so you can write your title on it.
• The maître d (Agent Smith) will go ahead to an undisclosed fast food restaurant, set up tablecloths, candles, etc
• The servers (who will be pre-selected Point Agents) will escort you to the undisclosed fast food restaurant, acting as tour guides (note: **This gives us exposure to people on the street, people driving by**)
• When you arrive, the maître d will announce your name to the restaurant. You'll be escorted to tables.
• Servers will take orders, go to counter to place them. Note: This is probably where the employees/managers will be like "What's going on??" THIS is the reason for the back story.
• The servers will present the food to you when it comes out. You will leave after eating, and optionally, meet back up at the TCBY for the post-mission brief.

The reason behind the fabricated back story is because I was picturing what would happen if I was asked 'What is going on?' since the servers and I would undoubtedly be asked. This would make the whole kitchen at the fast food restaurant be like "Ooh coooooool! We're serving foreign dignitaries!"

What you agents are responsible for:
-Wearing fancy evening clothes, as formal as possible
-Bringing cash for dinner. When we hold missions within a business we always want to leave them with a feeling of "Wow, I'm glad they chose our location!" and increase their revenue to additionally foster feelings of goodwill, so make sure you bring even just a couple bucks to get something off the Dollar Menu!
-Be on time and of course, bring a friend along! This mission can be pulled off with as few as 10 agents, but would be SO much more effective if we have 25.

When and where: October 3rd, 5:30pm meet at TCBY at 303 W. MLK between Guadalupe and Lavaca.
RSVP via Facebook, you posh little darlings.