Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission Report: Dignitary Dinner Out

Dignitary Dinner Out – Mission Report

Saturday October 3rd, 2009

By Agent Stall

"Dignitary Dinner Out took place on a wet and soggy Saturday in downtown Austin near the University of Texas campus. Agents met at the TCBY on MLK for their pre-meeting briefing. After donning nametags with their chosen (silly) titles they made their way a block up the street to the Wendy’s at the corner of MLK and Guadalupe.

Meanwhile, at Wendy’s…

Agent Stall and Agent Petrick had arranged the small dining room tables into a long conference-like table complete with tablecloths and matching napkins and plastic utensils for the dignitaries. At this point the Wendy’s staff began to get curious as to why a man in a 3-piece suit and a woman dressed as a waitress were converting their dining room into (something resembling) a formal dining hall. We decided not to reveal our ploy just yet so we just told them that “We’ll be having a large group coming in a few minutes” so they could prepare the kitchen to receive the royal party.

After preparations were complete the agents began arriving. Upon entering the restaurant Agent Stall, acting as maître d’, announced their name and title loudly for the whole restaurant to hear. They were then seated at the long table by Agent Petrick to await the beginning of the meal. As the guests continued to enter, the Wendy’s staff began applauding after each guest came in and sometimes repeated the guest’s names.

After all were seated Agent Stall, Tons0fun, and Agent Petrick took everyone’s order, placed the order at the front counter, and brought out the food on a “crystal” (aka plastic) platter. Hilariously, the staff played along and took particular care to organize the food on the tray for the servers to carry out.

While Stall, Tons0fun, and Petrick were hustling and bustling, the dignitaries engaged in cultural discussions led by Agent Filkins about their respective imaginary homelands.

After the meal each of the dignitaries passed in front of the counter to thank and bid farewell to the staff in the tradition of their homeland.

All told about 25 dignitaries attended the mission, making the total headcount 27. I felt this was a very successful mission and had an absolute blast doing it. I want to express my undying gratitude to the lovely and talented Agent Petrick for her invaluable assistance in executing the mission. Oh, and thanks to Agent Tons0fun for the jumping in at the last second to help serve the unexpectedly large crowd. Of course, I’ve been known to say that I left my heart in Indiana and that I can never come up with a witty phrase involving the word “Filkins”… but I just wanna say that y’all rock too!"

Thanks Agent Stall, you did a fantastic job as Lead Agent and we had so much fun!