Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Operation: Sleepy Head

Mission Date:

Saturday March 19th

Mass Narcolepsy

Approximate Time:
Meetup at 3:30pm
Disperse to location at 4:00pm
Perform flashmob at 4:20pm
Wrap-up 4:30pm

Essential Details:
Sneak a small pillow in your purse or backpack. Or just use your hands. We are are all suffering and from time to time will conk out. Hopefully we land somewhere soft!

Meet at Duncan Park at the picnic tables. Corner of Henderson St. and 9th.

Location will be announced at the meeting!

Mission Leader:
Dawn Munroe-Davies

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Operation: Noise!

It's time to show the world our noise!

Mission Date:
Wed Mar 16th at 6:30pm

Drum Circle/Parade up 6th st.
Claps, stomps, bells and whistles and any costumes are welcome.
Some shakers will be provided on site

Approximate Time:
Meetup at 6:30pm. Check for more details.

Essential Details:
Bring your own drums and some extras if you can. Minimal will be provided, only some shakers to pass around to extras. BUT, everyone is welcome...clap, stomp or shake ya ass.

At the meetup spot, look for the parade/band leader looking gentleman for any directions.

Please no loud electronics, as noise ordinance issues are already in full force. Nothing rowdy or offensive. Bring some drums, some fun and have a good time.

Mission Leader:
Anthony Erickson