Sunday, July 22, 2012

Operation Random Acts of Bubbles

Mission date: Saturday, August 4th

We’re going to blow bubbles off two downtown Austin bridges to surprise people and make them smile. Choose one of the bridges for your bubble blowing fun. On the Congress Street Bridge we will coordinate to blow the bubbles down wind if possible so as not to blow them into traffic. All ages encouraged and welcomed! This is a super family friendly event and we're really looking forward to having you participate- thanks to Laura A. for the great idea! :). Here's your info, peeps, spread the word:

Pre-Mission Briefing 10:50am
Flash Mob start and end times 11:15am – 11:19am
Post-Mission Wrap Up 11:22am

Location 1:
Briefing and Wrap Up: parking lot on Riverside just east of the bridge
Flash Mob: on the D. Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge (Lamar Pedestrian Bridge)

Location 2:
Briefing and Wrap Up: the Statesman parking lot entrance
Flash Mob: on the Congress Street Bridge

What you need to bring: bubble-making equipment of any kind

Mission leaders: Agent Filkins and Agent Tons0Fun


Anonymous said...

are you supposed to spread the word about flash mobs only on twitter or can you use FB as well...or both?

Flash Mob Austin said...

you can do whatever you'd like, seriously! :)

Anonymous said...

Given the tragedy last week in newtown CT, i had the thought that maybe a flash mob can perform simultaneously across the US wearing shirts with the images of the little angels lost on that day.. i will be putting this idea out to many of MOBS and hope to get the support..