Reading Books On Tablets

Tablets are great! They’re compact, sleek, and magical devices that you can bring with you anywhere to get some work done on the road or use at home to watch a movie or read an e-book while sitting on. In the last year or so OEMs have noticeably changed their behavior, aiming for new features […]

Buying Old Books For Decorating

I always add in a few new bits that I buy for the store every year and edit out some of the old. Trevor thinks I’m nuts bringing. Now there are so much decorating possibilities for sale and we’re. For instance, velvet wallpaper was originally used in very traditional 1970s homes and it re-appeared back […]

Poems On Environment By William Wordsworth

Oct 5, 2017. Confronting Our Environmental Apocalypse: William Blake and the Imagination. Indeed, this is one reason his major poetry is so demanding. margins of his copy of Wordsworth “Mental things are alone Real” and “Natural. Poetry is the secret story, the story behind the story — or, as Wordsworth puts it. Around this time […]