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QI. Series Q – Starts 6th September. 2,024 Facts. Available to buy. Buy · The Why Workshop. Wednesdays, 8:20 on Radio 2. Listen Back · Get Fact.

Alan Davies and Stephen Fry. The QI elves are the brains behind QI Photo: BBC. By James Harkin. 8:13AM BST 22 Oct 2014. At QI we live for the incredible fact.

Jan 19, 2013. Quite Interesting: 50 amazing facts to celebrate 10 years of QI. For a decade Stephen Fry has challenged TV audiences with questions which.

Now, and you may well have gathered this as you sit back amazed at the fountain of knowledge that Stephen Fry is as he reels off facts on QI – not many of us are as intelligent as he is, so to adhere.

Oct 14, 2015. Stephen Fry's announced he is stepping down as host of QI after hosting the BBC Two comedy quiz show for 13 years.

James said that the show is going from strength to strength with second host Sandi Toksvig, who has proved a very popular replacement for Stephen Fry. and he memorises it.” The QI elves’ 10.

Oct 15, 2015. WITH THE NEWS that Stephen Fry is about to leave QI, look back on some of the series' most memorable facts, and attempt to distinguish the.

To mark the release of The Complete QI on 8th May, we’ve been given 2 copies to give away on DVD. Re-watch all the jokes, japes, facts and experiments that. an exclusive interview with QI Master.

Fans of QI are in mourning after the departure of Stephen Fry. For 13 happy years. forever having to point out to his excitable panellist that he’s got his facts all wrong. Their exchanges were.

After fronting over 180 episodes, Stephen Fry has stepped down as host of QI. The QI. BBC Two and BBC One panel show focusing on quite interesting facts.

Stephen Fry ponders the topic of knowledge and explains how many previous QI facts are no longer thought to be true. With Graham Linehan, Jimmy Carr,

Oct 14, 2015. Earlier today it was confirmed that Stephen Fry will be stepping down as the host of QI after twelve long years on the show, with it being.

QI (Quite Interesting) is a British comedy panel game television quiz show created and. In addition to tasks, Stephen Fry has also performed scientific experiments or. In fact, one day, I'll make sure that person is given a list from another.

Stephen Fry makes us all feel smarter – intellectually smarter, not just more clever than your average meat head. Now, of course, the reason QI has managed to capture. from discovering new and.

Between them, the collections comprise 19 DVDS and 3,270 minutes of offbeat facts and comedy banter. They also include bonus features such as unseen and unaired footage – even on Dave! – an exclusive.

QI (short for Quite Interesting) is a British comedy panel game television quiz show created and co-produced by John Lloyd, and features permanent panellist Alan Davies. Stephen Fry was host of the show from its initial pilot, before departing after. Fry gave some examples of incorrect facts told in previous episodes, such as.

Stephen Fry in QI series 8. Let’s start with the obvious. so that witty banter and fascinating facts were never too far away. I’d suggest the ABC could save a hell of a lot of money by focusing.

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Here’s a collection of ‘quite interesting’ engineering facts specially prepared for E&T readers by. the forfeits were a stack of cards with words scribbled with pen for Stephen Fry, our former.

Sandi Toksvig reveals QI presenter pay gap: “I get 40% of what Stephen Fry used to get” BBC Pay. in which points are won by working out the questions more than knowing facts, and in which regular.

Nov 15, 2018. After handing over the QI reins to Sandi Toksvig, Stephen Fry is reuniting with the fact finders behind the show.

Host Stephen Fry and the panel for this year’s QI Christmas special. The other two guests are reliable. In fact the special spends a lot less time on facts and a lot more on general jollity,

Are original musicals such as the soon-to-close Stephen Ward being driven out by shows based. producer whose credits include ‘Spitting Image’ and ‘QI’. His ‘1,339 QI Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop’,

Dec 5, 2016. Alan Davies has claimed Stephen Fry quit his hosting role on QI due to budget cuts that made him feel "overworked". In an interview with the.

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The latest Tweets from Quite Interesting (@qikipedia). Quite Interesting facts from the team behind the BBC TV show QI.

Sandi Toksvig has said being the host of QI means she is not able to be “naughty”, but. when she took over the role from the programme’s long-running host Stephen Fry because she does not “think.

Dec 2, 2016. At QI, we work year-round to find facts for our eponymous BBC programme, our sister. Forget Stephen Fry – Sandi Toksvig has made QI sing.

Dec 9, 2013. A NEW book based on Stephen Fry's television quiz is packed with amazing facts. So how much do you know?

Expect tall stories, fascinatingly funny facts, really silly jokes. In 2016, Sandi took over from Stephen Fry as host of QI, BBC2’s fiendishly difficult and hugely popular quiz. She also replaced.

As dramatic and almost exciting as being dragged out of a burning building or shoved out of the way of an oncoming train by the former host of QI might have been. s Stone on audiobook, read by.

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I have watched all the episodes of QI hosted by Stephen Fry and the new ones hosted by Sandi Toksvig so I just had to get this book. Some of the facts I already.

QI, BBC2, 10pm One of tonight’s quite interesting facts is that all the guest celebs in Stephen Fry’s quizzing kaleidoscope are female, with Radio 4 presenter Susan Calman, TV perennial Liza Tarbuck.

Stephen Fry has torn Brexit to shreds in his first public comment. data and expert advice under the carpet.” By contrast, the former QI host uses facts and expert commentary in the video to debunk.

Sep 10, 2018. Sandi Toksvig Reveals QI Paid Her 40% of Former Host Stephen Fry's Salary. absurdity of the pay gap between herself and former QI host Stephen Fry. In fact, she told the audience in Kettering on Saturday, she is paid just.

So when Stephen Fry announced he was leaving the show. The elves are one of the most iconic parts of QI, the genius question masters who introduce us to the bizarre facts that make up the show. But.

Sandi Toksvig has said being the host of QI means she is not able to be “naughty”, but. when she took over the role from the programme’s long-running host Stephen Fry because she does not “think.